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I'm originally from North Carolina I moved to Cali about 5 years ago. I'm a stay at home Mom and I'm studying to become a makeup artist online which is really convenient for me because I have a 4 year old and a 2 year old. I've always loved makeup and the transformation you can make with it. So I decided to make a career of it. This past year I've learned a lot about makeup and how to apply it. I'll be doing tutorials and reviews on makeup, skin, and hair products, and I'll throw in tips I hope that will be helpful to someone. :) Much <3 Kimberly

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hair Care

I've been using Aphogee for the past three months and I've noticed a drastic change in my hair. It's healthier than its ever been. I have naturally curly hair so I've been frying it with my flat iron and relaxers. It's easier to style and manage now. I'm thinking about trying the Bio line to see how that works. I wash it once or twice a week and i try not to blow dry it when I'm home i keep it wrapped. Before i started the Aphogee my hair was like straw , it would get really tangled and was really dry and the only time it looked healthy was when i would wear it natural. The only thing about wearing it natural was that i have to wash it every day and i have to use massive amounts of product. I decided to try the Soft and Beautiful Oil sheen and i must say I'm really impressed. It smells like roses and it doesn't weight down my hair. I'd been using Motions oil sheen but didn't care for it too much , but i do love the Motions Wrap Lotion it gives my hair body and it makes flat ironing easier,it also cuts down on drying time. I tried the Dr Miricals relaxer and it worked great for me but my mom tried it and she said it make her hair really hard and unmanagalbe. It's kinda pricey ten dollars compared to soft and beautiful five dollars.